I've created a site workflow build around managing documents from document library. But the tasks created from a collect data and assign actions don't make reference to the list item ie the document. The document is making use of a custom content-type.

How can I include a link to the document or show information about the list item in the workflow task?

Have I created the wrong type of workflow; should it have been a list workflow or a reusable workflow?

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You probably should have made it a list or reusable workflow. Site workflows are meant to operate without a dependancy on list or library items.

From MSDN:

Site workflows release workflow developers from requiring a list item or document item to run workflows against. This is useful for when the process that the workflow is implementing does not start as a result of a list item or document.

  • Thanks - I feel like crying as I will now have to recreate the whole thing again. It's been very painful mapping data that has been collected to update the list item. Commented Nov 1, 2011 at 16:54

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