I have a sharepoint online provider-hosted (Azure) add-in. It worked properly when debugging and it works properly when I deploy it to my devsite. The problem occurs when I deploy it to any other site - I get the following error :

List 'Documents' does not exist at site with URL 'https://xxxxxxxx.sharepoint.com/sites/xxxxxxx'

The thing is - I checked this multiple times on multiple sites, the List names are the same as on devsite.

Here are some parts of my Elements.xml, Default.aspx and AppManifest.xml, I have literally no idea what could be causing this but my intuition tells me it could be connected to those lines :

            RegistrationId="{$ListId:Shared Documents;}"
            Title="Invoke &apos;RibbonApprovalAction&apos; action">

<AppPermissionRequest Scope="http://sharepoint/content/sitecollection/web/list" Right="FullControl" />

                using (var clientContext = spContext.CreateUserClientContextForSPHost())

                    web => web.Title,
                    web => web.CurrentUser,
                    web => web.Lists);

                    List doclist = clientContext.Web.Lists.GetByTitle("Documents");


The error occurs at the last line, when I try to execute querry. But like I said, it works perfectly on my devsite. It's as if Shared Documents on devsite were different from Shared Documents on any other site... I don't get it.

  • could you try it as clientContext.Web.Lists.GetByTitle("Shared Documents"); ? – Gautam Sheth Sep 1 '17 at 5:25
  • I did try it, I also tried putting %20 instead of the space even though it doesn't make any sense and it didn't work either. – Qya Sep 1 '17 at 7:32

Okay so if anyone is interested - I found an answer on StackOverflow posted here posted by user Aarti. I used the list validate function instead of this

List doclist = clientContext.Web.Lists.GetByTitle("Documents");

to get the List instead and now it works.

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