I have got 4369 documents and i want to add them all. Is there a way to add them to the site? Is it possible to increase limit or to compress the files or any other solution?


Document library can contain 30000000 documents. Mentioned limit of 5000 is related to List View Treshold only. It means that single query can process/display up to 5000 items/documents at once. In case of administrators, this limit is 20000 items/documents.

Please take a look at this table List and Library limits - it specify all limits.

As mentioned before, using Explorer View can be a way to upload all documents at once.

  • just a note... in my o365 tenant explorer view does not work on libraries wit mire than 5000 docs. may not be pertinent to the question, but thought i'd mention it – russellg Sep 6 '17 at 0:36

The default limit in SharePoint 2013 document library is 5000. You can use explorer view to bulk upload the documents.

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