Currently having an issue with a calculated date column when the field is not filled in. Displays the date as December 1899.

Current formula is:

=TEXT(YEAR([Closed Date]),"00")&"-"&TEXT(MONTH([Closed Date]),"00")&" "&TEXT([Closed Date],"mmm")

Unsure of how best to wrap ISBLANK around it.

=ISBLANK (IF TEXT(YEAR([Closed Date]),"00")&"-"&TEXT(MONTH([Closed Date]),"00")&" "&TEXT([Closed Date],"mmm"))

You need an IF statement outside of the ISBLANK

IF(ISBLANK([Closed Date]),"no date available", yourlongTEXTformattinghere)
  • Absolutely spot on, works perfectly. – cod3r_jim Sep 1 '17 at 8:37

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