I am working on a sharepoint farm on-premises 2013. currently we set the following for the regional settings:-

enter image description here

Where all the date fields are being shown in this format dd/mm/yyyy for example something as follow 20/05/2017 either for the system generated date fields such as "Modified" & "Created" or for any site column of type date/time. now i am not sure if i can change the date format to be shown as follow 20 May 2017 instead of 20/05/2017?? Does the regional settings satisfy this ? so the month will be shown as character instead of as a number?


you can use Calculated Column with below formula and choose Created/Modified column as Insert column:

=TEXT(EventDate,"dd mmm yy")   
  • this will work on theory/paper,,, but in this case i will need to modify the built-in views and other components which show the date fields.. So creating calculated columns will require a huge amount of time/effort as i will need to modify all the built-in list forms (display,edit & create) to show the calculated columns... is this correct or i understand this approach wrongly.. while setting this on the regional settings (if possible) will just require changing the settings and having the effect all over the site... – john Gu Aug 29 '17 at 21:19

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