I have an Office 365 subscription (ramXXXXX.sharepoint.com). My public facing website is at www.mydomain-name.com, which is managed by another Hosting provider (not on office 365).

While I want my SharePoint online sites to be on intranet.mydomain-name.com, I do not want my public facing site to be effected.

Note, I do not want email, lync and other services to be configured. I just want the SharePoint sites on my sub domain.

If this is possible, I am looking for some pointers on how/where to start with this configuration. Thank you.

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An Office365 SharePoint-URL always looks like this: https://tenantname.sharepoint.com. You cannot change this URL - so choose your tenant-name wisely! There is no direct way to let your users use http://subdomain.company.com.

Some ideas for workarounds (with pro and con!):

  • Create a CNAME in your DNS called "subdomain.company.com". I tried this some time ago and it didn't work. Just got some HTTP Code 200 without any useful content.
  • Host a small Website and configure it to listen to http://subdomain.company.com. Use a HTTP Redirect to move your users to SharePoint-Online. This only works if your users type "http://subdomain.company.com" in their browsers. Does not work if users have browser-bookmarks, connected lists to outlook (contacts, tasks, ..) or shortcuts (open-in-explorer, ..). You could improve this simple solution with URL-Rewritng.

You can do redirect from mydomain-name.com to ram.sharepoint.com. You cannot rename the SP site and you cannot change your private site collection domain.

Please check out this user voice entry:


Also read the second answer here from Matt - Bonafide Software:

  1. You cannot change the url for a private site collection. If the alternate access mapping feature was exposed, then it could be done.(...)

  2. You cannot change the address of the My site collection. This is because you cannot create a site collection using the "My site host template". In addition, even if you could find a way to create a custom site collection based on the My site host template, you could not change set the my site host location to this new url, because the textbox is greyed out and cannot be edited.


https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/tenant-rename It is now possible with quite a few caveats.

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