I have a refiner that maps on a taxonomy column. Teh refiner show the taxonomy items and I can "refine" them perfectly. Now I saw the input field below the taxonomy refiner

enter image description here

When I enter the same value like "Systembetreuung" it does not show any results. I go a way further and want to know why it does not filter correctly. It figured out that the token is different.

When it filters by the taxonomy value itself it create a filter token like "string(L0#|guid|Systembetreuung)".


When it filters by the input field it creates a token like "equals("Systembetreuung")".



I changed the URI for a test, so that it will replace the "equals" to "string", then it show mir the correct filtering.

So how I can archive that it use the correct token. Is there any setting that can do this?

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