My current form filters the secondary data connection using an empID. Then I use formatting rule to hide non-overlapping period. Which works well but since our data is growing, I'm wondering if there's another way I can improve performance by using a second filter using dates?

Current Form Rule: when control (empID) is changed,

  • Set field value: empID (Secondary/Query) = empID (Main)
  • Run Query

Formatting rules for the repeating table (Secondary), hide row if

  • End Date (Main) < Start Date (Secondary) OR
  • End Date (Secondary) < Start Date (Main) OR
  • ID (Secondary) = ID (Main)

I only want to retrieve any data that overlaps with current request.

Example Secondary Data Source:

  • Employee1 08/01/2017 08/01/2017
  • Employee2 08/01/2017 08/01/2017
  • Employee1 08/14/2017 08/28/2017

If current request is Employee1 08/15/2017-09/01/2017, I only want to return the 3rd item from Secondary data source. Rather than retrieving all data associated with Employee1

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