We're using SharePoint server 2013. I have a Document with Images on my computer desktop.

I want to try to copy a word document that has images to a wiki site.


As OOTB Copy/Paste operation, The images will not be copied to SharePoint page (whatever it's a wiki page or other type) from a word document.

Only the text and tables and some font format will be copied but the images must be uploaded to SharePoint or taken from a published URL to can be used within SharePoint Page.

The available workarounds:

  • Using Share feature in your word document to share its content to a SharePoint blog. Then move its Source HTML Code to your Wiki page.
  • Use MS Word SharepointWiki Plugin
  • Use a 3rd party tool like Bamboo Wiki Publisher to import from word document to wiki page.

Check other suggestion at Convert Word document into wiki page + Export wiki pages into PDF or word document

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