I want to delete old version (0.5) and keep latest version (0.10) from a library.

How can I achieve it using PowerShell Script.

If(0.5 < 0.10)

 Remove version with 0.5 and keep 0.10
 But I doubt system takes 0.5 as 0.50 then the logic is not correct.


How can I get latest/current version number and delete older version?

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You will have to use array index within the versions list like

for($i=$currentVersionsCount-1; $i -gt $versionstoKeep; $i--)

Have a look at sharepointdiary and stackoverflow

There you'll find the necessary hints.


I guess it is already to late for your project, but if someone has the same issue, you can use the tool DMS-Shuttle. It does exactly. Read that article: https://dms-shuttle.com/documentation/delete-version-history-in-sharepoint-online-office-365/ I am working for the vendor.

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