I have a dashboard, on which I want to show a list of tasks (from a task list) that have been marked with the status Complete during the current week. Is there a way to do this with the Content Query Web Part? If not, is there another way?


Yes you can use CQWP to show the completed tasks through last week by filtering the following:

  • The [Task Status] column equal to Completed
  • Once the task set to completed, the [Modified Date] will be changed to the current date, so you can filter the updated tasks within last week as the following

    The [Modified Date] Greater Than or Equal to [Today]-7

The final filter setting in CQWP should be like this

enter image description here

The output should look like

enter image description here

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    Any other edits to completed tasks will also show up here, so there is potential (unlikely) that a task completed more than a week ago, but modified in the past week will show up. If you really needed to track that particular modification (status becomes completed) you'll need to include a workflow to track a separate modification column and a previous status column. That is almost definitely overkill and this solution should work perfectly. – theChrisKent Aug 19 '17 at 14:16

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