I am having a page called https://example.com/sites/nl/view_item.aspx?ID=10 for example,

This displays the content in a nice visual way for that specific item. Next to that item I have made a list with the 'content query' webpart that displays the other items.

I am using the itemstyle 'title only', this displays exactly what I want, a list with the other items (title only and clickable)

But when I click on the item I want to navigate to https://example.com/sites/nl/view_item.aspx?ID=11 (for example). Now the item is using the default URL,

what's sends me to the 'default dispform'. How can I achieve what I want?

The page view_item.aspx is already showing up in the lists of forms for that specific list but I don't want it to be default.

I hope someone can help me on this.



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