Does anyone know how can I remove a drop off library in Sharepoint Online in Powershell?

Many thanks

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You can not delete Drop off Library by default.

But you can set it as hidden I believe. Use Gary Lapointe module - Lapointe.SharePointOnline.PowerShell.msi to get Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.List and set Hidden=True

 Import-Module -Name Lapointe.SharePointOnline.PowerShell 
 Connect-SPOSite -Url $siteCollectionUrl -Credential $spOnlineCredentials
 $dropofflib= Get-SPOList -Web "/" -identity $fullUrlToDropOffLibrary

Download Lapointe.SharePointOnline.PowerShell.msi from https://github.com/glapointe/PowerShell-SPOCmdlets/releases

Reference How to delete Drop Off library in SharePoint Online


As far as my knowledge is concern, you cannot delete the Drop Off Library. One can delete the Drop off Library using Server Side Object Model's AllowDeletion property.

But as this is SharePoint Online, as we cannot use SSOM in SharePoint Online, we cannot delete this Drop off Library.

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