How can I upgrade SharePoint sandbox solution on multiple sub sites without deactivate-activate feature on each sub site

Current I need to

  1. Deactivate feature from each sub site

  2. Deactivate solution from main site

  3. Upload a new solution and activate it

  4. Activate feature on each sub site.


In such case, you can create a PowerShell script. I am not having the exact code, but I used the following logic:

For First Time

  1. Add the Sandbox Solution using Add-SPUserSolution.
  2. Install the solution using Install-SPUserSolution.
  3. Now get solution ID using Get-SPUserSolution
  4. Next get all the features within solution using Get-SPFeature
  5. Check if feature is not enabled use Enable-SPFeature cmdlet to activate it.

When Updating

Simply run following commands:

  1. Using cmdlet Update-SPUserSolution you can update already activated sandbox solutions. The key point is -ToSolution parameter/attribute. Where you need to pass on the new Solution name. I used versioning in file name to overcome same solution identity conflict.
  2. Now you can repeat step 3 to 5 from above (in-case new features are added).

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