I need a column in a custom list that shows time only - such as 6:00 or 23:45 - the only thing I see to possibly use is text only. Is there another better way?? thanks

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you need two columns for this. First is time and date column, and in second column would be a calculated column. apply =TEXT([first column name],"hh:mm AM/PM") , it will only display the time

  • could you help me create a rule in a column to show an hour. The point is that I need in a column with an hour, which is visible only when in another column I have specified text "ok".
    – user84240
    May 10, 2019 at 6:59
  • why not, pls elaborate your requirement
    – cjs
    Jun 26, 2019 at 16:08

If "Created" or "Modified" field is okay to use as a source, create a new calculated field with formula

=TEXT(Created,"hh:mm AM/PM")

The data type returned from the formula can be one of the below

  1. Single line of text
  2. Date and Time (Date & Time format)

This should give time only as in the screenshot below

enter image description here


You can create a Calculated field of type - Date and Time with format as "Date & Time" and use the below formula (taken from Link):

=IF(HOUR(Created)<12,HOUR(Created)&":"&Minute(Created)&" AM", (HOUR(Created)-12)&":"&MINUTE(Created)&" PM")

The only problem I notice is that if the time is 2:00 PM, the value in calculated formula will be displayed as 2:0 PM instead of 2:00 PM. So, you may need to format a little bit.

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