I have an SPO library with a Retention Policy attached for archiving items over 3 months old. The policy is attached to the location, not the content type, and is set to run when a field (Arrival Date) is +3 months, whereupon it engages a workflow which copies the item to another library, then deletes the original.

My question is: how can I tell when the timer job that kicks off the retention steps has run? I seem to remember it's about once a week per site collection, but need to know exactly how to get this for support documentation and handover.

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from what I know - you can't really tell this in SPO. At one point it took me 3 weeks to get the retention policy to "kick in", so I am not sure if you can really see when that happens.


Found the thing I'd forgot about for this.

Open the site collection in Designer, then go to Site Options. There are two properties - dlc_PolicyUpdateLastRun and dlc_RouterJobLastRun - which are for the last run of the Retention and Expiration jobs respectively.

More info here - http://www.pbnet.ro/?p=557

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