I'd like to be able to change (add/delete) the approvers associated with the OOB Approval Workflow that I have associated with a InfoPath form library on SharePoint 2007. I want to change the approvers from within my InfoPath form, I do not want to go to change it in the Workflow settings.

Is this possible in SharePoint 2007? If not, do I need to create a custom workflow? If so, what would be the high level steps that I would need to take to get something like this set up with InfoPath 2007/2010 form deployed to a SharePoint 2007 form library?


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There are two methods you can use AFAIK:

A. Inject the approvers to the Association Data from code behind.

    SPWorkflowAssociation wrkFl = docLib.WorkflowAssociations[0]; 
    site.WorkflowManager.StartWorkflow(itm, wrkFl, wrkFl.AssociationData, true); 

~Create an eventhandler. Make sure you publish the approver field from the InfoPath form to a list column (you can also read the InfoPath XML, but requires more code). ~Grab the approver field value and pass it to the associationData string.

B. Pass the approvers into the Approvers parameter of the Approval Workflow during design time

For more info:

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