I am trying to set up a form in sharepoint. Staff will add lab orders to the form where about 5 values will be initially entered ( name, designation, project etc.) (Part A) then they will add 10 rows of data for each item ordered where each row will have a unique ID with say 7 columns each. ( say patient sample id for each sample collected). (Part B)

when they submit the form, this data is stored as 10 rows, where the first 5 column values are taken from the Part A ( and repeated for all 10 rows) and the next 7 columns are taken from from B .

result on submission the list will have additional 10 tows with 12 columns each , each row has a system generated unique id

How to set up this form on sharepoint ? there will be many samples entered each time and we do not want the first 5 column values to be entered each time.

Also, is it possible to have this set up sent by outlook email.


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Create Repeating Table. For each field, the default value might be the: max(double click to insert field).

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