I'm a guest to the site and after seeing the great quality of Q&A's, I would like to ask anyone if you can able to assist me with this problem.

Brief background:

  • I have Admin/Full Control of a collection of sub-sites and root site.
  • I've been working with SP workflows, adding basic logic to a custom list field using InfoPath but never had developed/adding in-line programming codes into our SharePoint site.

Current setup:

We have a custom list in which fields are to be filled-up by the users, along with the attachment file that needs to be reviewed and a "Deploy" button. After the files has been reviewed by the administrator, the administrator will then click the "deploy" button, to move/copy the attachment file into a shared folder of our Amazon server.


How can we copy/move the attachment file from SP to the Amazon server while passing the same credentials used by the administrator?

Can I also achieve this by only using SP workflow in the SP Designer?

  • I'm seeing that adding JavaScript into the custom list web part will do the trick, but I'm not really sure how to start or write my code.
  • If there are other alternatives, is it okay if I can get some guides in order to solve this problem?

Any help is very much appreciated.

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