I intend to set up a workflow that will make a folder for every new element added to the list. This folder will be a small documents library for this specific list item.

I would like to display this folder contents in a webpart alongside a display form whenever i click on the item so people can access it. However the only thing I was able to find is how to do it for a CONCRETE, predefined, single folder. But each time I will have a new, different folder made that i want displayed. How to do it? I was thinking maybe it is possible to make a dynamic/JavaScript url that will get the ID column name used for folder creation and then access the folder?

I'm using sharepoint online.

  • I'd re-think my architecture if I were you. I'd ask a new question with the business requirements laid out in non-technical terms and ask for guidance on how to structure the data. Creating a folder in a workflow seems incredibly hacky and brittle. There's probably a simpler way to do what you're trying to achieve. – Derek Gusoff Aug 9 '17 at 12:19
  • It's not that hard actually. I found a solution e.g. here I was thinking of just naming documents with their respective corresponding element names and than using this to display it, but it's not that elegant, because it relies on users actually naming files like that (and you can't trust them to do so all the time) – Kloggy Aug 9 '17 at 12:22

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