I am working on a sharepoint enterprise farm on-premises. and inside the farm i find these settings regarding the User Profile Service which have been set previously by our customer.

  • central administration >> application management >> select the web application>> self-service site creation. i find these settings:-

enter image description here

  • central administration >> managed services >> User Profile >> My site. i find these settings:-

enter image description here

  • central administration >> managed services >> User Profile. i find that there are 25 user profiles.

enter image description here

  • when i view all the site collections. i can find only 4 site collections for the personal sites.

enter image description here

now the confusion i am getting are as follow:-

  1. i can count around 20++ users which have their personal sites created. because when i click on a user name inside the sites, i will be redirected to such a site, and this is the case for at-least 20 users:-

enter image description here

but when i checked the site collections , i can only find that there are 4 personal site collections (as shown above)?? so what is the reason. i was assuming that i should get 20 personal site collections, not only 4?

  1. when i manually navigate to one of the personal site url by typing the following "http://XXX/my/personal/user_abc" i will be redirected to the following url "/my/Person.aspx?accountname=" ?? so what does this mean? now the URL for the mysite site collection should be something such as "/my/personal/.." and not "/my/person.aspx?accountname" ??

  2. inside the web application's self-service site creation, what does "Be Hidden from users" for "start a site" mean ? and if i am hiding this from users,, then how the 4 site collections have been created?? could this setting be changed after the 4 site collections have been created.?

  3. final question . now out customer have around 120 users. so will there be any drawbacks if the 120 users created there own my-sites?? could this slow the sharepoint ? or it is a matter of storage ?? not a matter of server RAM consumption?

can anyone adivce on my above 4 points please?

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  1. What you are seeing, is profile page (Person.aspx?accountname=??) of the user, where u will get information about users. U are seeing 4 sites because 4 users created their mysite so far. if you browser the site which u are seeing from central admin then you will get the shared document library page.
  2. Again, only 4 people created the mysites, ask other user to click on the onedrive link which will provision their mysite.
  3. This link will allow user a create team site on the URL which u masked(red ink). If u enable it, u will see a create a site on your mysitehost url. Be hidden will hide it from enduser. which is mostly company doing.
  4. I dont see any pressure on the farm with 120 mysites, Mysite are very light weight, may be storage will be an issue but not the performance.
  • thanks for the reply... now for point 2. now inside the central admin>>view all site collections. i can see that there is a site collection with the following url /my/personal/user_a , but when i navigate to this site i will be redirected to the following url /my/Person.aspx?accountname= .. i mean i am talking about navigating to a mysite based on the url mentioned inside the CA>>view all site collections. but seems i will be redirected to this url /my/Person.aspx?accountname=. for point number 3. now inside the current setting we have the option set to "hide from end users" – john Gu Aug 9 '17 at 9:11
  • but what i did , i login using a test account (nameduserABC), then under the username on the upper hand side of the screen, i click on about me link, i was redirected to this url /my/_layouts/15/start.aspx#/Person.aspx?accountname=companyA\userABC, tehn i click on the user image, then i checked the "CA>>view all site collections"... and i can see that a new site collection /my/personal/userABC has been created.. so seems even with the option set to "be hidden from users", users are able to create mysites.. is this correct? – john Gu Aug 9 '17 at 9:22

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