I have to find the default values of Site columns and Library/list columns using PowerShell script. The site contains 8 to 10 libraries and the default values are different on each library hence I need to get the default values for the columns in different libraries as well as the site column. The following code gives only the Site columns, I need library column details as well.

.$defvalue = $field.DefaultValue.

Can anyone please help me with the ways to collect this information.

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Get Default value for Site Column:

$web= Get-SPWeb http://siteurl
$field = $web.Fields["FieldName"]
$devaultvalue = $field.DefaultValue

Get Default value for List / Library Column

$web= Get-SPWeb http://siteurl
$list = $web.Lists["listname"]
$FieldName = $list.Fields["FieldName"]
$defaultvalue= $FieldName.DefaultValue

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