I'm experiencing build errors when adding

 <TextField label='TextField with an icon' iconProps={ { iconName: 'Calendar' } } />    

resulting with this error on gulp build

Error - typescript - node_modules\office-ui-fabric-react\lib\components\Image\Image.Props.d.ts(3,43): error TS2694: Namespace 'React' has no exported member 'ImgHTMLAttributes'. Error - typescript - node_modules\office-ui-fabric-react\lib\components\TextField\TextField.Props.d.ts(24,47): error TS2694: Namespace 'React' has no exported member 'AllHTMLAttributes'. Error - 'typescript' sub task errored after 2.24 s "TypeScript error(s) occurred."

I think it may be because of the typescript compiler which is in version 2.2.2

Anybody experiencing the same?


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The latest OUIFR release is not compatible with SPFX at this point. You should install version 4.28.0 of OUIFR.

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