We want to create a list of contracts currently underway. We have created a column with a calculated formula:

Time in progress =TEXT(NOW(),"dd/mm/yyyy")-Created

what we need to add to this formula is a validation to calculate the status column is NOT Contract Signed.

Help please with the second part Thx


  • If contract is not signed, the field will show the days. What do you want the calculated column to show if the contract is signed? Aug 7, 2017 at 8:17

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I have created a calculated column named TimeInProgress that will show the final calculated value based on the formula. I have also added another Boolean(Yes/No) field named Contact Signed . If Contract Signed is YES the TimeInProgress value will be blank. Only if it is not signed(value= No), the calculated column will be populated. The formula used is :

=IF([Contract Signed],"",DATEDIF(Created,TODAY(),"d"))

Output :

enter image description here

Calculated Column Formula :

enter image description here

In case you want to show some text in the calculated column other than leaving it blank, you can update the formula as

=IF([Contract Signed],"SomeText",DATEDIF(Created,TODAY(),"d"))

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