Can I change formatting of a Currency field using PowerShell

for example

in swedish regional setting currency field shows 100.000 kr (.dot as separator)

but I need to customize it's format to show as 100 000 kr (space as separator)

Can I do that? How to do that ?


You can achieve this requirement by using client side rendering(CSR) easily. Here 'Currency' is a currency type field.

(function () {
var overrideCurrentContext = {};
overrideCurrentContext.Templates = {};
overrideCurrentContext.Templates.Fields = {
    'Currency': { 'View': Currency }


function Currency(ctx) {
   var modifiedCurrency =ctx.CurrentItem.Currency.split(",").join(" ");
   return   modifiedCurrency

Before : enter image description here

After : enter image description here

Steps to add JS Link :

  • Save the below code to projectCode.js and upload to site assets of site collection/subsite
  • Go to the list view and go to the edit page by appending "toolpaneview=2".
  • Edit the webpart and open the 'miscellaneous' section. In the JSLink text box refer the JS file. If you have uploaded to the site collection's site assets, use ~sitecollection/siteassets/projectcode.js . If you have uploaded it to subsite's site assets use ~site/siteassets/projectcode.js
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    This should be enough to get the OP going, but I think you copy/pasted from a previous answer. You're replacing semi-colon with line breaks, instead of . with a space. – wjervis Aug 4 '17 at 12:29
  • Thanks @wjervis . After testing it out, pasted an old revision of the code which I started out with. Have fixed it now. – Priyaranjan KS Aug 4 '17 at 12:35

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