based on my requirements, I have created a custom timer job and deployed in the farm. After few days, there is a change in the reqmntmnt, so I modified the code and re-deployed the same. But the modified timer job name is not appearing in the timer job definitions page.? what may be the reasons for this ?

I have installed , activated the web appln scoped feature using powershell only. After this, I have restarted the sptimer services , multiple times. still it didn't show up. After this, I have run the iisreset and restarted the server as well. Even after doing all the necessary steps, the timer name is not getting displayed.

when I have tested/newly created a new sptimer soln, that has a simple update of abcd list's title, the timer works. so,how to identify where is the exact problem?

is there any bug in spdailyschedule class? am using this object.

    private bool CreateJob(SPWebApplication site)
          bool jobCreated = false;
              RILTTimer_NPD timerjobrilt = new RILTTimer_NPD(JobName, site);

            SPDailySchedule tempSchedule = new SPDailySchedule();
            tempSchedule.BeginHour = 23;
            tempSchedule.BeginMinute = 5;
            tempSchedule.BeginSecond = 0;
            tempSchedule.EndSecond = 49;
            tempSchedule.EndMinute = 35;
            tempSchedule.EndHour = 24;
            timerjobrilt.Schedule = tempSchedule;
          catch (Exception)
             return jobCreated;
           return jobCreated;
  • Debug the timer job and check whether timerjob is created or not by attaching owestimer.exe process.attach the process and activate the future in central admin for that web application. – ranjith Aug 4 '17 at 7:30
  • i hav used powershell to activate the feature and ran the nets stop sptimerv and net start sptimerv4 respectively. but still it didnt work. – userAZLogicApps Aug 9 '17 at 8:04

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