When I disable a list from appearing in a search, does this:

  1. Take effect immediately
  2. Require a crawl
  3. Take an unspecified amount of time
  4. Other

I have a reference list that is appearing in search and throwing users off, I would just like to see if I need to do a crawl or not. If a crawl is required, should it be a:

  1. Full Crawl
  2. Incremental Crawl

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You need to do a crawl, as the item will need to be deleted from the index if it was there previously, and it's the crawler that does this.

An incremental crawl should do the trick; if you want to be super-sure and don't have that much searchable content, you could also do a full Index Reset then a full crawl.

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    Don't do an index reset. Just grab the individual item URLs and remove them from the index individually. Aug 4, 2017 at 21:08

Yes, it requires performing incremental Crawl. it's enough to reflect your new list search settings.

Incremental crawl covers the below scenarios,

  • Adding new document/item.
  • Edit document/item Content, Properties / Delete document/item.
  • Changing List / Library settings.
  • Changing Item permissions.

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