How can I view list(s) which are in app web, created by SharePoint Add-in?

For example in host web I can see lists in Site Contents on this URL


So how can I see lists of app web, suppose this is my app web URL?


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If you know the list name, you can view the specific list by appending /lists/ to the app web url

Ex : https://tenant_name-e2b4688698c43a.sharepoint.com/sites/site2/lists/ListName

If you want to know about all lists you can use REST API which will show the xml feed of list details. Ex : https://tenant_name-e2b4688698c43a.sharepoint.com/sites/site2/_api/web/lists?$filter=Hidden eq false and BaseType ne 1

This will return the xml feed of all lists(including system lists)

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  • I tried it's not working !
    – codemirror
    Aug 2, 2017 at 12:34
  • when you say its not working. What response are you getting ? If possible share the REST URL you are hitting in the browser as well. Aug 2, 2017 at 12:36

SharePoint apps don't have own setting page or any navigation to traverse to list, list settings.

You need to create link for traverse to site content as below:


For more detail please check this link.


Here is the way



tenant_name is the app created URL

site1 is the name of site collection or site

appname1 is the name of app or Add-in

list1 is the list name

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