I have created a bunch of Project Templates and would like to get rid of some that I don't need, or write over some that I need to change.

When I open up Project professional and connect to my account on my PWA, I can click open and connect to my PWA and I see a list of all my projects on PWA, great. Now I change to Project Templates, but the list doesn't then change, and I still don't see the list of existing templates.
The only place I can seem to find the list of templates is by going into PWA > Server Settings > Enterprise Project Types > Choosing an existing Project Type and then clicking the drop down for Project Plan Template.

How do I delete existing Project Plan Templates?

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A template can be deleted the same way a project can:

  • Go to PWA settings
  • In the Queue and Database Administration group, click Delete Enterprise Objects
  • Select the template you want to delete from the list
  • Click delete button (at the top of the page)

Hope this helps!

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