I'm trying to configure IIS/SharePoint to redirect to my site collection. I have a site at server.domain.com/sites/collection.

I would like to configure my environment so that when the user types in https://intranet.domain.com, they are routed to server.domain.com/sites/collection.

I tried setting a default document on the site in IIS, but I get 404s in Internet Explorer and 200s in FireFox for some reason.

The HTTP redirect feature loops, setting the url to server.domain.sites/collection/sites/collection/sites...

How can I accomplish this? Thank you!

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To redirect A Web Application to a specific URL (Site Collection URL) via IIS, You should do the following.

  • Open IIS.
  • In Site Section, Select your web application.
  • Below IIS > Click on Http Redirect.

enter image description here

  • Set your redirect URL > Click on Apply

enter image description here

  • In Redirect Behavior, Make sure that you have checked Only redirect requests to content in this directory
  • No Need to Reset IIS, Go back to browse your source URL it should be navigated directly to the destination URL.

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