I had used CrossListQueryInfo to get the large amount of items from lists. When I am trying to use the object of CrossListQueryCache I am facing below error.

Can anyone help me what's the issue and why I am unable to call the object of CrossListQueryCache

enter image description here


You need to iterate using DataRow inside a Datatable.

You cannot use SPListItem to iterate inside a datatable as its incorrect.

The object model to use Datatable is DataTable -> DataRowCollection -> DataRow where you use the DataRow to look for contents inside a column of a row

Code would be somewhat as below:

foreach(DataRow row in results.Rows)
    //if you want to use column name, try the below line of code.
    var title = Convert.ToString(row["Title"]);

    //if you want to use index, try the below line of code.
    //var title = Convert.ToString(row[0]); 

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