Im trying to add a picture of a map to a main page on SharePoint, am I correct in thinking this would need to be a webpart? I was wondering if anyone has any guides on how to achieve this? Thanks as always


You can upload your image to ordinary picture library or Site Assets and create something which is called "Image map" using ordinary HTML with system of coordinates. For that purpose, you need an image and one CEWP in page first, than open any free on-line map generator tool like this one:


Make your "clickable" areas simple using your mouse only, copy & paste generated code below image into CEWP using HTML editor (Edit source button in Markup section) and replace the temporary path to a file with your real one. Code can looks like that:

<img alt="Map" src="/site/library/map.png" usemap="#map"/> 

<map name="map">
<area href="/sites/world/us" shape="rect" coords="138,107,196,152" alt="US"/>
<area href="/sites/world/europe" shape="rect" coords="336,93,383,132" alt="Europe"/>
<area href="/sites/world/australia" shape="rect" coords="577,258,631,300" alt="Australia"/>

Using the Image webpart is a possibility, but you could also upload a picture somewhere and link to it with html and apply style to it.

<img src="yourPicture.png" alt="" style="width: 640px; height: 431px;"/>

To make it clickable, put it between anchor tags:

<a href="yourLink" target="_blank"><img .../></a>

If you need different areas of the picture to be linked to different resources, use an imagemap in a Content Editor webpart.

  • Thanks - if I look to add an app I cant see the option to add a content editor webpart (unless Im missing something?) Thanks again – Shabbaranks Aug 3 '17 at 7:52

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