I know I could split the queries into 2 or 3 and combine them if I only specify 4-5 lookup fields I want to retrieve each time.. But is it possible to get all of the lookup IDs with CSOM in one CAML query as you can via REST (e.g., /items?$select=AuthorId,EditorId,LookupOneId,LookupTwoId,LookupThreeId . . .LookupTwelveId)?


Onprem you can (but shouldn't) increase this per Web Application, but in Office 365 you're limited to 12.

See SharePoint 2010/2013: List view Lookup threshold uncovered for more details.

  • Changing the threshold is not an option. I'm looking to know if I can get the lookup IDs rather than the full lookup details. If you use the GetItems REST method that allows you to submit a CAML query, the lookups are returned as ID's in the same way as the 'normal' REST api syntax. I just want to know how to specify that I am interested in those with CSOM. – Dinerdo Jul 27 '17 at 19:16

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