I am working on an office 365 sharepoint online project. and i have an enterprise wiki site collections. where each wiki page have a version number as follow:-

enter image description here

now i have defined a list workflow on the Pages library. and inside the list WF i want to get the value for the wiki page Version. now i find 2 fields inside the WF 2013:-

  1. Version
  2. UI Version

and inside the workflow i want to check if the wiki page version is greater than or equal to 3. so i tried the following:- enter image description here

but seems the UI Version field will have values such as 2102 or 5123 and does not represent the actual page version. now i tried to use the Version field instead of UI Version field. but seems the Version will be a string so i can not check if it is greater than or equal to 3. so can anyone adivce on this please? how i can check if the wiki page version is >= 3 inside my WF 2013 ?

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Every major version will in UIVersion be based on version * 512, so you will have to compare on 1536.

For completeness

Minor versions will increment the version with 1, and every major with 512. So

  • 0.1 is 1

  • 1.0 is 512

  • 1.1 is 513

  • 2.0 is 1024

  • 2.1 is 1025

    and so on


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