I have some troubles with deploying .sppkg solution. I tried to add somehow application to my site but i can't deploy it even in developer site. I tried to add this app to AppCataloge in admin site, but add button doesn't exist (I am an admin). I can debug project using local/hosted workbench.

I can't even drag/drop files: Sharepoint App Catalog

When i try to deploy an app in developer site, I have this error: manifest files

The problem, why I couldn't add apps was related to Site Collection. I found in my site collections list -> https://mypage.sharepoint.com/sites/App_Catalog -> and I added my account to admins of this page.

@jussi-palo - I apologize for that I could misdirect you (I thought that sharepoint admin is also an admin of App_Catalog)

But still I can't add any apps through Dev site (and Extension-type apps are always invalid).

enter image description here

  • Please open Service Request with Microsoft, there might be something wrong with the tenant farm.
    – Jussi Palo
    Commented Jul 27, 2017 at 5:21

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Here is the line may help you:

This does not seem to be a supported use case at the moment. It is possible with SharePoint Add-Ins, but not SPFx WebParts.

You can find the complete thread Deployment to Developer Site is not possible

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