I need to edit a workflow I created in VS, but now when I open the workflow in VS, I no longer have access to the specific properties in the "Get Properties" activity.

I get the current item and assign it to a Dynamic Value variable:

get current item activity

But then in the next step, when I use a Microsoft.Activities.GetODataProperties activity to get specific properties from the item and assign them to variables, I can see where to specify the source, but there is no longer anywhere for me to specify the properties to retrieve:

get properties activity

If I crack open the XAML file in VS Code, I can see that the properties to retrieve are still defined in the XAML, they are just not showing up in the editor in VS:

workflow raw xaml

The last time I had a problem with Workflow Designer in VS, uninstalling and reinstalling Office Developer Tools for VS2015 did the trick, but not this time. After a reinstall, the problem persists.

Has anyone else run into this, and how did you fix it?

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