I'm having intermittent problems publishing from InfoPath Designer 2013 to SharePoint Online.

I created a new Form library, went to Library Settings/Advanced/Edit Template to open the Template in InfoPath Designer.

I saved the Template and tried to Publish the Form.

  • When I tried to Quick Publish, I got a message that the library did not exist.
  • When I tried Publishing, InfoPath could not (would not) find the new Form library.
  • When I tried Publishing to a new SP Library, I got a message that I couldn't Publish because SP is not in my Trusted Locations (although it is in my Trusted Sites).

But these problems don't happen all the time. I was able to Publish a Form last week. Any idea what's happening here? Thanks.

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It turns out there must have been something wrong with the library. I deleted it and used InfoPath to create a new form library with the same form and it worked.

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