I have SharePoint 2010 installed in my production machine & i want to install other patches. My last update on SharePoint 2010 was KB 2687453 (SP2).

Now i want to install all other patches. so do i need to install all from aug-2013 to July-2017 or i just install July-2017 update and it include all other previous patches inside it.

Please check link of all updates 2010 Updates


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July 2017 CU is enough for you. Here is more information about updates.

enter image description here


Since you have SharePoint 2010 Service pack 2 already installed, you can directly install the July 2017 Cumulative Update.

It will include all the updates from August 2013 to June 2017.

Reference - July 11, 2017, cumulative update for SharePoint Server 2010

I would however recommend that you follow the best practice and install the (N-1) update i.e the June 2017 Update.

Also, you should first install it on a Staging/Test environment first before doing it on production.


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