By default, web application web.configs have validateRequest="false". Changing it to true breaks SharePoint significantly, based on my own trials. People Pickers don't work, half the form pages don't work, etc.

This option, as I understand it, blocks any HTTP requests that contain any HTML. Which seems to be quite a lot of things in SharePoint.

Is there any work around to this? Or does SharePoint just not support this setting?

  • why you need to set validateRequest=“true”? Commented Jul 24, 2017 at 22:30

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We had the same question. During a ethical security scan we where advised to enable this option. We tested what would happen if we enabled this option. Some list forms stopped working. For example because there was a rich html field present on the form. We contacted Microsoft support about this and they told us that enabling this option in the web.config is unsupported.

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