This is my first question on any stack exchange site, so any recommendations on how to improve asking a question would be tremendously helpful.

The issue I am facing here today is setting a hyperlink field in my InfoPath Form library in SharePoint 2010 through a SPD workflow. Here's what I know:

  1. How to format a URL properly and use string variables to update the Hyperlink field. I have successfully used:

http://www.google.com, Google


[%Current Item:Server Relative URL%], [%Current Item:Title%] 
  1. How to create a View-Specific URL for an InfoPath form in an Form library. Ex:


Now the question is, why is my sharepoint workflow not setting the hyperlink field correctly when using this form link in update list field action like so:

Update Item in Current Item

Image of Update List Item

[%Variable:LinkToForm%], [%Current Item:Title%]

where [%Variable:LinkToForm%] contains


Note: I have also tried to replace [%CurrentItem:ServerRelativeURL%] with [%CurrentItem:URLPath%] and it does not work.

My Workflow runs on item creation, and the first message in the workflow is this error:

The workflow could not update the item, possibly because one or more columns for the item require a different type of information.

The workflow continues to run, but the hyperlink field is not set and remains empty.

Perhaps the reason I am trying to do this may be helpful.

In my form library, I would like to have a different "Default View" of the form depending on where it is being opened from. Since this functionality does not exist in SharePoint, the idea was to create a link to the form with the included view (with &defaultview=view) that would show on the default form library view instead of the original link to the form that SharePoint would create.

My Permissions

I am essentially a power user with access to SPD and Limited site admin permissions on my sub-site. I cannot edit default pages.

Has anyone else run across this problem? Any pointers or tips would be appreciated.

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