Using SharePoint Workflow, is there a way to copy a group under one OU into another group in another OU?

Let's say I have a group called "techOps"in OU=Alpha, OU=Security, DC=domainName, DC=com. How can I, using SPD 2010 Workflow copy the above mentoned'TechOps" into a group called "AllOps" in an OU=Beta, OU=Security, DC=domainName, DC=com? If so how can I do that please?

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Nope, SPD can't modify your Active Directory. You'll need some AD PowerShell, running on a domain controller, to do this.

One workaround, if you're working with the SP2013 workflow model you can expose a web service, and consume that web service from your workflow. But you'll need to implement that web service yourself.


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