I am new to DOTCMIS in Sharepoint On prem 2013. I am able to get the sharepoint document library using atom pub with below code.

parameters[SessionParameter.User] = "*****";
                parameters[SessionParameter.Password] = "******";

                // connection settings
                parameters[SessionParameter.AtomPubUrl] = "http://zeus:18439/_vti_bin/cmis/rest/cd4e6a20-32dd-46f5-96a8-00ef7b754ec2?getRepositoryInfo";
                parameters[SessionParameter.BindingType] = BindingType.AtomPub;
                parameters[SessionParameter.RepositoryId] = "cd4e6a20-32dd-46f5-96a8-00ef7b754ec2";
                parameters[SessionParameter.AuthenticationProviderClass] = "DotCMIS.Binding.NtlmAuthenticationProvider";

                // create session
                ISession session = factory.CreateSession(parameters);
                migrateRepos = factory.GetRepositories(parameters);

I want to loop through all children (Sub folders & Items inside folders)..How to achieve this...glad for any help


No need for queries.

Just use GetChildren, and check the type of each children to decide whether to recurse or not:

foreach (ICmisObject cmisObject in remoteFolder.GetChildren(operationContext))
    if (cmisObject is DotCMIS.Client.Impl.Folder)
        // It is a CMIS folder.
        IFolder remoteSubFolder = (IFolder)cmisObject;
        // TODO Recurse
    else if (cmisObject is DotCMIS.Client.Impl.Document)
        // It is a CMIS document.
        IDocument remoteDocument = (IDocument)cmisObject;
        // TODO do something with it.
        // It is a CMIS link or something else.

Real-life example:


I am able to get this done by below code..

IItemEnumerable<IQueryResult> Fileresults = session.Query("SELECT * FROM cmis:document", false);
 if (Folderresults.TotalNumItems > 0)
                    arrFolderPaths = new string[Folderresults.TotalNumItems + 1];
                    int i = 0;
                    foreach (IQueryResult cmisObject1 in Folderresults)
                        string objectId = ((DotCMIS.Data.Impl.PropertyData)(cmisObject1.GetPropertyById("cmis:objectId"))).Values[0].ToString();
                        ICmisObject cmisObject = session.GetObject(objectId);
                        IFileableCmisObject fileableCmisObject = cmisObject as IFileableCmisObject;
                        paths = fileableCmisObject.Paths;
                        arrFolderPaths[i] = paths[0].ToString();
                        CreateFolderPathsInDestSP(DestCtx, DestinationlistName.RootFolder, arrFolderPaths[i]);


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