Now I have a .html page I want share point to accept. In my list of web pages, I have had to change the extensions to .aspx which I am not happy with. Is there a simple setting I have to do to get the HTML page to work with share point or does share point only work with .aspx web pages?

The reason I want to keep it HTML is because I am using on the HTML and for the life of me cannot understand how to get .aspx pages in SharePoint to accept them. whenever I edit the source or embedded it, nothing seems to work.


It's a security measure on the SharePoint-side. This article has some details about this.

In short: You can configure this the "simple" way for a SPWebApplication and set Browser File Handling to permissive (thus allowing html and other mimetypes) using the SharePoint central administration

Go to manage WebApplications in the central administration: Go to <code>manage WebApplications</code> in the central administration

Select a WebApplication, then General Settings: Select a WebApplication, then <code>General Settings</code>

Alternatively you can allow only html, by using PowerShell (this needs to run on a server, which is part of the SharePoint-Farm, using the SharePoint Management Shell):

$webApp = Get-SPWebApplication https://path.to.your.webApp/
  • is this something I have to do on the server machine itself or is this a setting I can set in sharepoint ? – Gilbert V Jul 20 '17 at 19:34
  • The PowerShell has to be done on the server - the "permissive" setting can be done using SharePoint, however you'll need to be farm-admin to access the central adminitration. I have update the answer accordingly. – Nils Jul 20 '17 at 19:44

I ended up converting it as an aspx page. that made SharePoint accept the page and display it.

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