I am trying to customize the workflow task form in my SharePoint 2013 Workflow created in SharePoint Designer. I am using SharePoint Online. What I've done currently is the following:

  • Created a SP2013 Workflow in SharePoint Designer 2013. The workflow just has a single action Assign a Task which assigns a task to myself using the default options (Approve / Reject)
  • Go to Workflow Tasks List in browser and click "Customize in InfoPath"
  • In InfoPath, just Publish the default form.

My problem now is that when I click the New Task button on the Workflow Tasks List, I am redirected to the InfoPath form just fine. But if for example, the task is created via the workflow, the View / Edit Form just displays the default SharePoint form and not the InfoPath one.

How can I modify this so that tasks created by the workflow will also use the InfoPath Form?


I tried looking at the Forms section on the workflow in SharePoint Designer but can't find any option to create a new or edit any existing form. Here is a screenshot:

enter image description here

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You need to open the workflow itself in SharePoint Designer and you will find a Forms (A list of the forms used by this workflow) section. There you will find the Task form. Open that form in info-path and modify and save.

  • I can't see any form I can edit or even a button to create a new one. I've edited my question to include a screenshot. Commented Jul 20, 2017 at 14:15

You have to go to the Task List. In your Lists and Libraries it should be a couple of lists named "Tasks" and "Workflow Tasks" in the latter is where you will find the forms for your workflow


Add an Initiation Form parameter at the top menu and save the workflow, the form should be automatically created then

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