I have a workflow in SP2013 on prem that I want to export/move to another site SP Online)

In SP Designer have tried to select the workflow and select "Export as template" in the Ribbon. It "seems" to work and I get the message

"The template has been saved to Site Assets".

But the Site Assets-folder is empty!


You should be aware of The Workflow Template is not shown directly in Site Asset within the SharePoint Designer, you should click on the refresh button to can see it.

enter image description here

Meanwhile, if you opened the Site Asset library from the web, you should find the saved templated.


The Workflow Template should be saved to the Site Asset of the same site.

For example, If you have saved a workflow as a template in a sub site, you should find your workflow.wsp file in its Site Asset libray, not at the Site collection Site Asset.

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    You are correct, I didnt notice that reload-button. Thanks! – Cowborg Jul 18 '17 at 14:31

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