I have an existing Infopath 2010 form that works fine. I added a People Picker field to the form (naming the data field GMPerson), and it works to: 1) resolve emails into names on the form 2) save the names 3) display the names when re-opening the form later

However, the field doesn't appear in the Sharepoint library. As such, a big view of all the data doesn't ever have the new GMPerson field available. I can't add the new column to a view. Where is my new data stored?


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All data for InfoPath forms is stored within the form in an XML document. In order for that data to be viewed in a list, you will need to promote that field up as a field when publishing the form to SharePoint. To do this, click File>Info>Form Options> and then click Property Promotion and then select the column you would like to promote as a data field in SharePoint.

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