I have some 10+ list view webparts inside 5 different web part zones. Each zone is inside a accordion header. When I filter any of the list view web part the action menu is created somewhere at the top and is not fully visible. Also it automatically scrolls to the top where the action menu is displayed.

I have tried setting position:relative; z-index:999 for the CSS class of the action menu ms-core-menu-box but i still cant make the action menu fully visible. I need a solution where the action menu doesn't scroll the window to top and gets displayed near the column header

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instead of position: relative you have to use position: absolute. By default, MS set following inline property for .ms-core-menu-box:

position: absolute; top: calculated in px; left: calculated in px; width: in px; height: in px.

You need to inspect your HTML elements (from web part zone wrapper to the List view web part div) and figure out where the wrapper element position is changing from relative to something else. If this is case, than please update the position to relative and your problem will be solved.

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