I am facing this issue while searching for something below is the error message "The search request was unable to execute on FAST Search Server".

I have already refer below links but not useful

FAST Search for SharePoint 2010

FSA: The search request was unable to connect to the Search Service (FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint)

FAST Search queries of SharePoint Server 2010 content generate an error in the Web browser: The search request was unable to connect to the Search Service

I have also tried with rebooting all the server (APP, DB, FAST Search Server).

Below is the error from ULS log

Exception occurred while triggering query processor cache refresh for application e3579d0e-7d22-48f0-93eb-edb01b387140: System.ApplicationException: Error in the application. at System.Runtime.InteropServices.Marshal.ThrowExceptionForHRInternal(Int32 errorCode, IntPtr errorInfo) at Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.Query.ApplicationCacheRefresher._CacheRefreshCallback(Object state, Boolean timedOut)

Please share your thoughts and useful links. Thanks in Advance.

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The resolution for this issue is to Re-indexes all content from the pre-index content store (FiXML files) by using below command on Fast Search Server.

C:\FASTSearch\bin\indexeradmin resetindex

For more details refer below links



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