Recently, I was asked like why do we have a web application? What's the use of it? After listening to my answer I was questioned on the same as why can't we do the same for a site collection directly? Instead of creating a web application we can create a site collection itself with the same settings and all. At last, I convinced the questioner that there would be performance and security issues.

But I want to know the exact reason why it can't be. I would be grateful if anyone can help me get a better answer.

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Let's imagine there is no web application to create the site collection, and you will create the site collection directly without creating a web application,

In this case, Every site collection will require an Application Pool to be created !!

So what's the issue, What's this mean?

This means

  • You will be restricted to create maximum 10 site collection per the web server based on its hardware capabilities.
  • A single highly active application pool can utilize 10 GB or more, so More application pools will lead to a Performance Issue.

Now, What do you think?

Do you need to create 250000 site collection per one web application with the current SharePoint Structure and architecture?

enter image description here

Or you need to be limited to the memory allocation of your web server that allows to you to create 10 site collection based on hardware capabilities at the same time you will face a Performance issue!!

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