I am trying to filter results from a JSOM KeywordQuery people search to only include people who have a "Department" listed, but it's still returning everyone, with and without departments.

I think I understand how to filter out an actual string, but how do I search for and filter out "null" values?

    var keywordQuery = new Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Search.Query.KeywordQuery(context);
    var searchExecutor = new Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Search.Query.SearchExecutor(context);


    var properties = keywordQuery.get_selectProperties();

    var filters = keywordQuery.get_refinementFilters();

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The proposed solution here uses query syntax to achieve that: Querytext: blank value for a property

This is the only way I am aware of accomplishing this. I don't think there is a way of doing that with refinement filters

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